Sunday Morning  - Dr. Yvette Williams  January 27, 2019


Genesis 26:12-33


We must remember who we are.  We are heirs of the promise just as Isaac was.  God gave Abraham a promise.  He told him that all nations would be blessed through his seed.  We are an extension of his seed and that promise.  Isaac was blessed because of the promise God gave to his father.  The promise did not come to pass all at once.  Verse 13 says that he “waxed” or became great.  This happened over a period of time.  Nor did his blessings come without problems.  As we encounter problems, we must keep our focus on the promise.  God’s word is true and He cannot lie.  If He promised, He will bring it to pass.  Isaac faced opposition as he waited on the promise of God to be manifested in his life.  He dealt with envy, jealousy and strife and we shouldn’t be surprised when these things come up in our lives. Not everyone will be happy for you when God blesses you.  Isaac did not argue with those that came up against him, he just moved on to the next place until God showed him where there was room for him.  


James 3:16 tells us that “Where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.”  We must remember to stay connected to our source and our resource; God!  After the opposition God appeared to Isaac and reminded him that He was with him, and that He was going to bless and multiply his seed for his father Abraham’s sake.


When God is pleased with you, He will cause your enemies to be at peace with you.  God caused Isaac’s enemies to come to him.  They said they saw that God was blessing him and they wanted to make a covenant of peace.  Instead of turning them away, Isaac made a feast for them, and they ate and drank together.  God will cause your enemies to see that He is with you.


The lesson we learned from these passages of scripture is, no matter what comes up remember; be not distracted or discouraged because people envy you and persecutions arise.  Persevere and Keep doing Good always keeping your focus on the Promise and not the Problem!


Minister Veronica Smoot

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